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Spotlight session

When was the last time you stepped outside your business to review your marketing? 

Is that website you built 3 years ago working for your business today?

Are your emails falling on deaf ears? Or are your social media feeds gathering dust?

Book a 2-hour face to face session with me to get unstuck and move your business forward.  We’ll tackle your biggest marketing challenge together and identify practical steps you can take right now to get your marketing efforts working for you.

You’ll receive a written action plan following the session, including easy to use tools or templates that will help you implement and measure the success of your new plan.

Suitable for:  Any business owner/manager

Investment:  £248

Kickstart your marketing

You know you need to organise your approach to marketing but where do you start? Much of what you need is there in your business already; you’re just too busy looking after customers or clients to see how it applies.

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With the Kickstart programme, you’ll create a solid strategic foundation for your marketing so that the time, money and energy you put into is well spent.

The programme includes:

3 face to face workshops

Three, 2-hour workshops during which we’ll define your marketing strategy, your ideal clients, identify your business ‘Connection Point’ (the thing that makes you different) and explore key messages and channels to support your marketing activity.

Online mentoring

In between the workshops, you’ll have actions to work on, and I’ll be available to provide advice, guidance and that all important accountability!

Plus you’ll get all the tools and templates I use in my own business to develop a strategic marketing plan.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have

  • A one-page marketing strategy to give your marketing focus. (It’s so much easier when we know where we want to be)

  • A meaningful, detailed target audience profile (to inspire all those social media posts)

  • Clarity on your business ‘Connection point’ – the one thing that makes your business stand out. (How will your ideal client understand how you can help them if you’re not crystal clear yourself?)

  • Key messages to use in your marketing (effective and relevant for your target audiences so that they will take notice)

  • A 12 month communication plan (to give you a view of the best times to reach your ideal client with the right message)

  • A 90-day marketing campaign plan so that you know exactly where, when, and how to promote your business most effectively (without feeling overwhelmed!)

Optional follow-up progress check

  • When you book the programme, you can choose to book a follow-up call two weeks after the third workshop to review the progress you’ve made in your marketing and address any challenges you have.

Suitable for: Small or micro business owner / manager

Investment: £895

Optional follow-up call: £75

Team mentoring & training

You need to know that the time, money and energy spent on marketing activity is well spent. Often that’s not easy when your team is learning on the job, or juggling marketing with other priorities.

For larger businesses I provide marketing training and mentoring on an ad-hoc or retained basis. I’ll work with your team to make sure they have the skills and resources to deliver co-ordinated marketing activity that is in line with your business objectives.

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All businesses are different so let’s have a chat about what support you might need.

Suitable for: Small and medium sized businesses

Investment:  Project or monthly fee to be agreed depending on requirements

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