How to create an ideal client profile

Knowing your audience is the single most important part of your marketing.

I always say, Marketing is simply having conversations with people. If you know who you’re talking to, and what’s going on in their lives, having those conversations becomes so much easier.

And understanding what those people want, need and worry about helps your marketing messages stand out amongst those thousands of messages they see every day.

Get to know your ideal client

When you meet someone new, you ask questions to get to know them better and find common interests that help you connect.

Understanding your ideal client is exactly the same. You just need to ask yourself a few questions and you’ll start to build up a picture of the person you need to reach.

Keep asking questions until you really know and understand what makes your ideal client tick.

If you run a garden design courses for example, you might say “I know my customer, it’s people who have a garden”.

But think about this a bit further.

What sort of garden do they have?

How old are they?

Do they have a family?

How do they feel about their garden (nervous, frustrated, passionate, enthusiastic)?

What do they enjoy doing? (Someone who loves their garden but has no interest in creative activities needs a garden designer, not a garden design course)

Where do they shop (think Asda or Waitrose )?

Create a picture

When you’ve asked yourself these questions, write down the answers and build a detailed portrait of your ideal customer: their likes and dislikes, frustrations and aspirations.

By writing things down, you commit your ideal client to memory more easily and they become real people. (Which is what they are, by the way, they’re not Avatars!)

Go as far as you like with the detail.

Give your customer a name; find a photo online (or use a pic of your favourite customer); create a visual collage of their life and a written description based on the questions you’ve asked yourself.

Then keep your collage somewhere you can see it. This is the person you talk to every time you write a social media post, send an email or create an ad, so keep them in mind.

If you have different customer types, create a profile for each one but do be wary of having too many. This is about making your life simple not more complicated; start with two audiences at most and see how you get on.

Create your ideal client profile here

If you’d like a copy of the template I use with my own clients to create ideal client profiles just drop me an email and I’ll happily send it to you.

I’d love to know more about your ideal customer so please do share what you know about them with me!