The benefit of an outsider's perspective

We all have that one issue on our 'To Do’ list that’s been there far too long. That one issue that just seems to get bigger every time you start to think about it so actually it’s easier to just tackle the Day Job and leave it alone. You don’t have time to tackle it anyway because the day job involves a hundred and one things to do. And they all have pressing deadlines. 

Big challenges don’t have a deadline, there’s no delivery plan and no one pressing you for updates. They are just there. Waiting for someone to take hold of them and make things happen. 

For many small & medium sized business owners, the big ongoing issue will be a marketing challenge: improving lead conversion; sorting out coherent email programmes; updating the website. As a business owner, you will recognise that these are all critical factors in your growth. Yet you have a business to run - with people, assets and finances to manage. You try to address the big marketing challenges because they’re important. Yet every time you start, something crops up that demands your attention elsewhere. 

It’s tempting to believe that you and your colleagues are the only people who can deal with this. After all, you know your business inside out, you know your products and your audiences, and you understand your marketplace better than anyone. In all of this, you’d be right - you are the expert in your business. No one can solve the issue without tapping into your expertise. And whatever plans are implemented, particularly if a change in process is required, they must work for you and your colleagues. 

But even if you have marketing expertise in-house, an external viewpoint will provide the focus, energy and freshness that unpicking these challenges demands, asking questions every step of the way. Questioning brings clarity, and clarity is half the battle: untangling all the knots, identifying the blocks to success and developing a workable solution. An outside view can help you achieve all of this.

Then you have to deliver that workable solution, and this is where external support really can pay its way. A consultant whose only job is to help address your marketing challenge(s) will keep the momentum going, will only demand your input when it’s needed and will channel it in a positive way so your time is well spent. 

Things might get sticky along the way. It can be hard to invite an outsider to look at your business close-up and you might have to answer some uncomfortable questions, but the impact can be remarkably positive.

Just start the conversation and see what happens. A journey starts with a thousand steps and all that...

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