Step back before planning for 2018

Where do you need to focus your marketing effort to get the best return? What’s working for you?  What’s not working?  What can you do today to make a difference to your business this month?

Before you start thinking about how to spend your 2018 marketing budget, can you answer these questions? Honestly?

If you can, then you're on the right track and likely to be ahead of your competition, and you probably don’t need any help from me.

But if you can’t tell me what return you're getting for your marketing spend, then investing a small amount of time and money now will help ensure your 2018 budget is spent more effectively. 

You may have decided you need a marketing person to help update your sales brochure for 2018, and I can help with that.  But is a new brochure the best way to spend your hard-earned budget?  How will you use that brochure?  Where does it fit into your overall sales and marketing strategy for the next 12 months? 

Or have you just run out of brochures and need new ones?

Your brochure may well need an update.  But equally there may be small, inexpensive changes you can make today to your existing sales and marketing process that will generate more income from your existing clients.  Perhaps you don’t need to spend money updating that brochure just yet.

Before you commit to spending money on marketing in 2018, a marketing audit will help identify areas of opportunity.  Those most likely to generate revenue, and therefore where to focus your time and money.

So how does it work?

A Quercus Marketing audit starts with a discovery workshop involving key members of your team. Together we’ll examine all areas of your business and current marketing activity – from your products, pricing, customers and promotion to your business objectives and sales processes. 

I will need your help in this; combining the expertise you have in your business with my marketing skills gives the best results. The session may take a few hours, and will involve a lot of Post-it notes, but there will always be sweet treats and coffee to help us through! 

What do I get out of this?

Ten days after the workshop, you'll receive your audit discussion document.  Every business is different, but the document will generally include the following:

  • Market overview & context

  • Review of current marketing activity

  • A SWOT analysis of your current marketing and where relevant, the wider business. Marketing is integral to every aspect of your business so shouldn't be looked at in isolation.

  • A priority action plan: 2 or 3 things you can do now to unlock income from your customers and prospects.

  • Other opportunities for development

As an independent consultant, my job here is to provide recommendations for your business, not to sell services you don’t need.  As such the action plan and opportunities will be focused on what's best for you.

What happens next?

After discussing the report and action plan, you may decide you have the time and resources within your team to implement the recommendations, and that’s great. If you decide you need outside help, then we’ll discuss what support you need, agree a cost and make a start.  

However you prefer to work, I’m confident that Quercus Marketing can help you get your marketing strategy on track and, more importantly, achieve your business goals. 

If you want to take a fresh look at your marketing, give me a call to start the conversation…a chat costs nothing.